About Us

Ctas NZ Ltd, is based in Hamilton, NZ, and service's your business needs, providing you with the latest in TXT and Web Systems.

Ctas has operated as a software development company in Hamilton for 15 years, and the last 7 have involved developments that include TXT Systems and the Integration that makes them valuable assets for businesses, and more recently Live Timing and Video Streaming.

Although our TXT Systems cover over 300 countries, we have NZ based equipment, and use NZ SMS Gateways for NZ TXT's and Websites, to ensure 100% reliability for your business.

We have companies operating our systems around NZ in Legal Offices, Libraries, Telecommunications, Vegetation, Vehicle Servicing, Indoor Karting, Chiropractors, Radio Stations and Child Care.

LiveTiming started out as a very simple product to get times and positions out to people at NZ Motorcycle Racing. It has evolved to a fully productive environment including Audio and Video Streaming, Scrollback, Chat and Race Schedules. The product has expanded to other events as well as motorcycle racing, because Video Streaming is something many events want.

You are important to us, as are all of our clients, and we value feedback. If you think we can help you in your business, please contact me by phone, email or TXT.

For further information, contact us at
Ctas NZ Ltd
Hamilton, NZ

CTAS is a trade mark of Ctas NZ Ltd

Grant Collingwood
Manager, Ctas NZ Ltd
Phone 0274432001
Email Grant@ctas.co.nz