1. CTAS NZ Ltd provides Computer and Web Based systems to perform specific functions. There are often data dependencies and system requirements to ensure the successful operation of these Systems. People using these Systems, herein after referred to as the User, or any acquaintance, family member, associate or anyone he/she may come into contact, may not copy any part of these Systems. Any part includes any screen, video, audio, logic, algorithms, screen layouts, methodology, built in documents, graphics, information or documentation without prior approval from CTAS NZ Ltd.
  2. The User shall not attempt to make any claim on Ctas or any of its Contractors or employees, or approved providers of this system, herein referred to as the Supplier, for the loss of any goods, revenue, comfort, commitment or any loss that is deemed to be of substance, through the use of these Systems.
  3. The User agrees that he/she will not attempt to hack, onsell, copy or misuse these Systems in any way.
  4. The User agrees not to access the System by any other means than through the access provided by Ctas.
  5. Where a Login and Password has been provided for access, the User agrees to not provide his/her login and password to anyone else.
  6. Where required, the User agrees to provide correct and valid information, in particular, the Users own email address and mobile phone number.
  7. These Systems are supplied as 24x7 systems, however faults or problems, although infrequent may still happen. The Supplier will not be accountable for any loss or damage that may be determined to be in relation to the operation of these Systems.
  8. The Supplier may from time to time, update these Terms and Conditions. They will be available on the Web Site.
  9. Some components of these Systems rely on other parties to provide the end delivery of service. The Supplier will do their best to ensure this happens in a timely manner, however, there will be no warranty of Service, and the User shall not hold Ctas or Supplier accountable for any failures.
  10. Components of these Systems rely on reasonable internet speed. Ctas or Supplier will do their best to deliver information or data as near as possible to real time, but the downstream speed to the User is under control of the Users own Internet connection, ISP and their relevant connections. Therefore Ctas or Supplier are unable to ensure the avoidance of delay or quality experienced by the User.
  11. Ctas NZ Ltd services and products are supplied on an “as is, as available” basis and Ctas NZ Ltd specifically disclaims any warranty. Ctas NZ Ltd shall not be liable for any consequential, direct or indirect damages, and Ctas NZ Ltd shall not be responsible for any losses experienced.
  12. The User agrees that if the Supplier disables the Users account, that the Users account will stop working. This action would only be if the User is misusing some part of one of the Systems and will not unreasonably be enforced.
  13. Some of these Systems have monthly payment requirements. Where this is the case, the User must pay those amounts as agreed. If payment is not made, based on Invoice details, then Ctas reserve the right to cancel the Users Service.
  14. When a system, service or product has been quoted on, unless stated elsewhere, this quote will last for 2 months.
  15. The User agrees that this service and this agreement do not provide ownership to any parts of any of these Systems, including any logic, algorithms, screen layouts, methodology, built in documents, graphics, information or documentation and Intellectual Property. Ctas will continue to own all parts.
  16. If the System is one that has a free trial period, then this means that the System is available in a reduced mode, or for a reduced period of time. After this period, the User should make arrangements to pay the agreed monthly amount, or expect that service will be cancelled.
  17. Some Systems are provided based on an agreed monthly amount. In return for this, Ctas provide the System, and may perform small updates without specific fees for each update. This will normally require an assurance of at least 12 months continuous service from the time of the required changes.
  18. Ctas reserves the right to withdraw the System from operation at any time. If this happens, current users who are subscribed and making monthly payments will be advised with 30 days notice. In the case of withdrawal, the User shall not attempt to make any claim on Ctas as stated in paragraph 2 of these terms and conditions.
  19. Some Systems have specific Terms and Conditions, that may be specific for those Systems. Where that is the case, and a clause may differ to these Terms and Conditions, then the System Specific Terms and Conditions will override these.