CTAS TXT & WEB Systems

You can achieve increased sales and revenue with the use of professional TXT and WEB Systems in your business. Save Time and Money with TXT "out" systems, and generate sales with TXT "in" systems. Don't delay, Get Your Business TXT Ready Now !

Plans available so you can budget for a small fixed amount each month.

YOUTXT TXT Reminder System

Business TXT Reminders are the ideal way to ensure your customers come back. Whether you are a small business looking to attract customers back on a recurring basis or a large business requiring automated notifications, reminders and appointments, AlertManager is the cost effective solution for you.

Free to Join and then select from one of our economical plans.

                      Plans start from just $7.50 +GST.
                      Demo or Free trials also available.

Go to https://www.youtxt.nz for more information

This system has plenty of features, such as TXT Replies and scheduling, so don't look elsewhere. You won't find a better, more complete TXT Reminder product in New Zealand.

FlightCHECK TXT your flight number to 8808

FlightCHECK is an anytime anywhere fight information service. It Allows people to check whether their flight is on time or delayed before going to the airport.

This system is ideal for checking the Departure and Arrival
status of any flight in the world.

If you are in New Zealand or Roaming, TXT to 8808.

For international TXT access, go to Registration to register for overseas access.

Go to http://www.FlightCheck.co.nz for more information.

YouTXT SMS TXT 8808 Short Code Service

YouTXT is a Business TXT service that enables you to create information and share it via TXT Short Code 8808.

Create your unique word code and message that matches your business name, service or promotion. Anyone in New Zealand can TXT your code to 8808 and get the message you want to share. They can include a comment, or answer to a question in the TXT as well. At anytime you can update your message, and you can report on all received TXT's as well.

Users TXTs can be forwarded to your email or to your phone by TXT as well. 

This service costs just $14.95 per month.

To join and use this great service, go to https://www.youtxt.nz

For international use, go to https://www.youtxt.nz/Registration.aspx to register

Mobile Group Alerts Service

Mobile Group Alerts is a Service using both YouTXT and AlertManager that allows your or your clients to send a TXT from a Mobile Phone to a Group Name, Eg TWOWHEELS. The message is then delivered to all of the Group Members in that Group, as defined by the Business Controller.

Mobile Group Alerts uses all of the enhanced features of AlertManager, to provide you with the assurance that your messages will get to their destination. Messages are normally delivered within a minute. This system is well proven, and is currently used for delivering thousands of Alerts every month. Note: The Group sending is a standard feature in AlertManager. The difference introduced here is the ability to send those messages from a Mobile Phone.

Plans start from just $19.95+GST per month.

RealestateCHECK TXT Property ID to 8808

RealEstateCHECK is an anytime anywhere realestate property information service. Allowing people to check other details, such as price from anywhere, any time, even from their mobile phone on the weekends.

Potential purchasers txt the property ID to 8808 and get the selling information for the property. This can be any information the Realestate Agent wants to tell them.

If you are in New Zealand, txt to 8808.

 For international TXT access, go to Registration to register for roaming access.

Go to http://www.RealestateCheck.co.nz for more information.


Ctas Live Network Switcher

The Ctas Live Network Switcher is a software package we developed to provide alternative network route selection automatically. We had a problem where computers out in the field, can be in challenging environmental situations, where the internet can slow down. However, just having a 2nd device does not help if the route being used is still connected, but just running slow.

Therefore, we developed the Network Switcher to cope with this. It operates 2 routes, A and B, and monitors the ping result of the current route. If the result slows down, it can switch to the alternative route with almost no break. It does this by having both routes connected, and by reconfiguring the routing table in Windows.

The software is configurable, so you can set the IP addresses, Masks, Gateway Metrics and Thresholds of each route.

This software also copes with On-link routes and can switch live streaming (audio or video) data one way, with a minimal break in the stream.


  Ctas enPrompt

The Ctas enPrompt is a small software package we developed to get rid of unwanted Windows popup boxes. An example of this is the "Enter Network Password" that Windows or Outlook pops up when it can't contact your POP3 or SMTP mail systems. However, it can be used for any Windows popups that have a unique identifier.

The program shows on the screen when you first run it (eg from startup) and then it hides after 5 minutes, and continues to run in the background.


Ctas NZ Ltd

Ctas NZ Ltd is a Hamilton, NZ, based computer support company who specialise in bringing you professional TXT & WEB Integration.  Our systems are based in NZ, and professionally built and hosted, to ensure the best performance and highest reliability. Although coverage includes over 300 countries, we value NZ businesses as our primary market, and so have developed systems with routing to ensure NZ destined TXT messages are delivered via NZ SMS gateways.

We have several years of experience in TXT and Web integration, and this will ensure that you have the best product support and backup available, to provide you with complete confidence in our systems.

Ctas TXT & Web Systems are designed for NZ businesses, to improve customer retention, and are valuable tools to gain more customers. The monthly plans available, are generally less than the revenue you would gain from a single customer visit. So just think how easy one of these systems can pay for itself over and over, allowing you to build your business without the costly sales and marketing expenditure often needed.

Want to know more, contact us, or browse through our many references.