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Thanks Grant

We really enjoyed the coverage of Woodville (2020) so pretty excited that our event is going to be televised too. 




Thanks Grant and your CTAS video crew , top job again , getting better every year and all for FREE!! (NZSBK 2021)


yup, thanks CTAS fantastic ocverage


Paul in Aust
Thanks for the broadcast of the NZSBK. Fantastic job



Massive job with the live stream awesome effort thanks ( Suzuki Series Rounds 1 and 2, 2020 )



Thanks to Ctas Live, because of you guys family and friends are able to watch the races all the way from Brazil. Dad was awake until 2am watching all races for the Carl Cox Motorsport Cup. You guys rock.



Big massive thank you to Grant for the series - awesome to watch at home when ya cant escape to watch at the track... (NZSBK 2019)


Sure have enjoyed it. And biggest thanks to you Grant and all the team ,for this..(AMCC 2018 Championship Live Coverage)


Thanks for live streaming the Mike Pero Moto Fest. Very enjoyable.


Thanks for the coverage Grant Ctas Live, haven't had to repeat how my weekend went 100 times yet as everyone was watching online! Awesome to have them able to tune in. Avalon (Suzuki Series 2017)

Friggin awesome coverage- best as always. (Suzuki Series 2017).

Top coverage as always, great racing ! (Suzuki Series 2017).

Awesome coverage guys. Good to be able to watch it live when you can't be there. (Suzuki Series 2017).

You guys do  great job and we all love watching it !!    Thanks, Bill.   (V8 Jetsprints 2017)

Alert Manager changed the way we could communicate with our clients in a non-intrusive way to remind them of upcoming appointments. It is such a simple system to use and runs extremely well. The ability to set up messages for future sales is fantastic. Grant is incredibly supportive. All up a fantastic system which we would recommend to any business for the purpose of managing client appointment confirmation. Seddon Portrait House.

Alert Manager made participation in our research project super easy. All participants who received a reminder text or email completed all their tasks on time. The function in which text and email replies were delivered by email kept us in contact with our participants and meant all queries were answered quickly. A great reminder and communication system for multiple people and/or tasks at once!. WatchMyWaste Research Projects RMIT University

Awesome coverage as usual this season Grant Collingwood. (NZSBK 2016)

We use Alert Manager for Customer Reminders. It's easy to use, fast and economical, no more "forgotten" appointments. Our Customers think it's great and use the Reply feature regularly. Thanks CTAS Firestone Direct, Hamilton

Fantastic work re the coverage of the Superbike nationals. I was stunned how good (and better than the previous year) the Taupo coverage was. I have enjoyed the coverage more and more each year and am grateful for everyone who is involved. After the Hampton Downs coverage, I was fizzing for the Taupo coverage and was stoked to catch a few races despite being in Aussie at the time. Congratulations on the 1000 hours milestone also! Keep up the most excellent work!!

“...- it's been fabulous - a real life saver to be honest…, Kylie Power” Web Authors note: This was in reference to AlertManager TXT Reminders.

we watched the last round via live stream ... it was awesum to watch ... also chatting to the american boaters live was cool Web Authors note: This was in regard to our Live Streaming of Jetsprints in NZ

Huge congratulations to New Zealand Roadracing for their extensive use of social media during the NZSBK series. Ctas Live AlertManager, livetiming, live audio and video made it possible for Aussies to watch our 3 riders take NZ Championships. Your consideration for external spectators is outstanding - a level which we hope roadracing will aspire to in Australia. www.livetiming.co.nz CHEERS GUYS AND GIRLS BEHIND THE SCENES!!

I watched your streaming of Manfield round and was blown away at the quality of the video. It was excellent… What you are doing is so new to most people that they don't believe your streamed video can provide a good viewing experience. Once you check it out for even just 2 or 3 minutes, you're hooked ... it amazingly is that good. Chip Hennen

Hey guys, this is just a HUGE THANKYOU for all the work you put in to bring us the 'LIVE' coverage you do for those of us who can't be at the racing. It's a fantastic service you provide to us all.

Our Two Wheels club website links in to Alert-Me for sending TXT's to all members automatically each week. The system works great and is brilliant for keeping members informed in a timely manner about upcoming events and is also usefull for cancellations. Cheers CTAS ... great job. Frank de Jong, President, Two Wheels Social and Touring Club

..appreciate the work you do and really enjoy the service you provide .. when you can't get to the track its the next best thing .. thanks

Would just like to say that I have been very impressed with your text service. Aimee Preest, Marketing Manager, Mitre 10 MEGA Hamilton.

just like to compliment you and the team on the excellent video/lap times etc available on the net for the bike racing. I've had to put my feet up for few weeks so didn't get to the race meetings but enjoyed watching the Nationals at H-D and Taupo on the net at home. Web Authors note: This was our LiveTiming and Video Streaming of NZSBK Nationals.

we watched the live timing. It is fabulous - clear, precise, responsive and real time. NZSBK 2012 Coverage

Thank you for providing such an amazing service. The staff at 89FM have found it very easy to use, and I have found it fantastic to manage. It's refreshing to have a service that is user friendly and efficient in comparison to some of the other systems available on the internet. Web Authors note: This was in regard to our YouTXT.co.nz TXT Service.

I asked for Grant Collingwood’s help .. he was able to replicate the problem and correct it. He sent me an updated file and that has been running ever since without incident. With Grant’s help the matter was resolved in good time and there was minimal impact in the RWC Network Monitoring that we were doing. I recommend a big thankyou to Grant for his assistance in resolving this issue for us. Dave Mawby, Technical Specialist, Alcatel Network Operations Centre

Well done CTAS thanks for the great coverage (Shorai batteries international)

Cheers for doing a great job! Kyle Web Authors note: This was in regard to our Live Streaming

I have been using AlertManager for the last 12 months, it's a great product and especially useful in alerting me to regular business meetings and predefined events such as birthdays or motor racing and cricket on TV. Dennis Cook, Integration Manager, Alcatel-Lucent New Zealand

Many thanks for all the effort you put in on the server patching and the changes. All the extra work you did (including providing outages, contacts numbers, approvals etc) is very appreciated and it appeared to go very smoothly. We normally don't get too much help with our changes and so the work you put in made a huge amount of difference. Once again Thank you. Rob Gouldstone, Team Leader, EDS

My team uses FMS which was developed and is supported by Ctas. I find that all support and administrator tasks that are actioned by Ctas are done so in a very professional and timely manner. In addition to the support function I find it an asset that Ctas knows and understands my business and thus my requirements. Marcus Snowball, IP & Data Team Manager, Alcatel-Lucent

A recent business improvement initiative was proposed and the logical choice for its automation was FMS. Grant was key to developing the original idea to this improvement...Acting as business analyst and system analyst combined, Grant stepped us through the implementation options for the concept, modelled it within FMS, and delivered the implementation to specification. Grant's professionalism and down-to-earth approach contrast starkly with some other vendors. He is a pleasure to deal with. Ian Lewis, ANOC Manager, Alcatel-Lucent.

…Ctas was able to develop, deliver and implement an access database second to none. This has given my organization a leading edge in our industry with regard to intelligent data capture and reporting... Peter Cooper, Contracts Manager, Treescape Ltd.

I have been using Ctas software(FMS) for 7 months within the Alcatel-Lucent Service Centre. Over the 7 months FMS has delivered visibility and the capability to manage faults from Level 0 - Level 3. The reliability of the system has been excellent with enhancement being able to be requested and delivered to us within a day without any problems. K Keliher, Team Manager, ASC

For several months my laptop compter had [a problem]..Ctas NZ Ltd did not give up and appeared just as interested as me at solving this problem. A few more emails and suggestions later and indeed the problem was solved. My thanks to this organisation for their professionalism and "stict to it-ness". John Fortin, Academic Program Coordinator, Kelly Business College

Many programs and tools developed..continue to provide service to the business for many years and are kept up to date as the business and technology changes, at very effective rates. D Kraakman, Manager Telecom

I commend the Computing Services of Ctas Ltd...broad capabilities..in programming to evolve an integrated PC Software Application.Geoff Green, Hamilton

Response time for modification/enhancements..has always been excellent and the introduction of new features..without impact. Hans Lamers.TCNZ

We found Grant's work to be professional quality and his coding style a tribute to his training. M.Collingwood, Director, NSL Ltd

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