Router R12 Configuration


R12(config)#int s0/0

R12(config-if)#ip address <ip addr> <subnet mask>

R12(config-if)#clock rate [ 56000 | 64000 ]

R12(config-if)#ip access-group <1-99 or 100-199> [in | out]


R12(config)#int s0/1

R12(config-if)#encapsulation frame-relay [ cisco | ietf ]

R12(config-if)#ip address <ip addr> <subnet mask>      (if not using subinterface)

R12(config-if)#bandwidth 64

R12(config-if)#frame-relay lmi-type [ cisco | ansi | q933a ]

R12(config-if)#frame-relay map ip <ip addr> <dlci number> [ broadcast ]

R12(config-if)#ip access-group <1-99 or 100-199> [in | out]                         (Out is the default)



If using subinterface (eg 104 to match with hyperthetical dlci 104)

R12(config-if)#int s0/1.104 point-to-point

R12(config-subif)#ip address <ip addr> <subnet mask>

R12(config-subif)#frame-relay interface-dlci 104


R12(config)#Router RIP

R12(config-router)#network <ip addr>             (IP of R1 network)

R12(config-router)#network <ip addr>             (IP of R3 network)


Block based on incoming ip addresses (using standard access list)

R12(config)#access-list <1-99> [ permit | deny ] <source ip> <source wild card> [log]


Block/Allow some protocols and check ip addresses

R12(config)#access-list <100-199> [permit | deny ] <protocol eg IP> <source ip> <wild card> <dest ip> <wild card> [ eq | neq | lt | gt ] [port] [established]




Access List show and debug commands

show run                                                               Reveal access lists on a router and the interface assignment

show access-lists [access-list number]            Displays the contents of access-lists

show ip interface                                                  Indicates what access lists are set