Router R15 Configuration


R15(config)#username <remote name> password <isdnpassword>


R15(config)#isdn switch-type <switch type>


R15(config)#controller <controller eg T1> <slot/port>

R15(config-controller)#framing {sf | esf | crc4}                               sf/esf for T1                 crc4 for E1

R15(config-controller)#linecode {ami | b8zs | hdb3}                      normally b8zs for T1   hdb3 for E1

R15(config-controller)#pri-group timeslots <range>                     1-24 for T1                  1-31 for E1


R15(config-controller)#interface serial{slot/port:unit or ts}         3/0:23 for T1                  3/0:15 for E1

R15(config-if)#isdn switch-type <switch type>                             if individual interfaces have different type

R15(config-if)#no cdp enable                                                           

R15(config-if)#encapsulation ppp

R15(config-if)#ppp authentication [chap | pap]

R15(config-if)#ip address <ip addr> <subnet mask>


R15(config)#Router RIP

R15(config-router)#network <ip addr>             (IP of ISDN network)


R15(config)ip route <ip addr>    (IP of next hop to outside world, eg R12)



Router show and debug commands

show run

show isdn [ status | active ]

show interfaces

debug ppp [ authentication | packet | negotiation | error | chap | tasks ]

debug isdn [ q921 | q931 ]