We recently had problems with a new PC (Celeron P4 Motherboard) doing the following:



This was found to be due to incompatibility between some motherboards that are AGP 8X and 4X capable, and some AGP Video cards, that are 2X/4X but not 8X. The fault is in neither one, but between the two of them, they are a major problem.


The solution to this is:


  1. If you have 8X Motherboard, and want to keep it, then get an AGP  card that has 4X (not 2X/4X)
  2. If you want to keep your 2X/4X AGP card, then get a motherboard that has 1X, 2X and 4X.


Sorry there is no magic solution to this, but if you need to replace one of the other, your old parts will still be worth something 2nd hand.