Setting up Networking between two xp machines seems to work easily and without problems.


However it is more difficult to get Windows 95, 98 and 98SE machines to work in both directions.


What I found is that the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) was affecting the drive and file access from the 9x machines, where intermittently, they could not access the xp machines. The xp machines had no problems accessing the 9x machines.


I set the network up without ICS, and use a separate TCP/IP interface product for sharing the Internet connection. Set the network up on each xp machine as follows:


  1. "My Network Places"
  2. "Set up a home or small office network"
  3. Next
  4. Next
  5. Other
  6. Next
  7. "This computer connects to the internet directly. Other computers connect directly.."
  8. Next
  9. Select Modem
  10. Next
  11. "Let me choose the connections..."
  12. Next
  13. Untick the other devices, such as the PCI satellite card, and only tick the Local Area Connection
  14. Next
  15. Confirm or edit "Computer Name" and description
  16. Next
  17. Type your Workgroup name
  18. Next
  19. Next
  20. "Just finish the Wizard..."
  21. Next
  22. Finish.


After doing this, you will be able to access all machines reliably.


Additional notes: Refer to tips and tricks for Windows xp, as there are other tips and problems with the networking. Eg installing NetBEUI on the Windows XP machine definitely made improvements. Also, you must change the Windows 9x to "Client for Microsoft Networks" as the primary logon rather than Windows Logon. Although I found that the Windows Logon did work after the NetBEUI was installed, it did not seem as reliable as "Client for Microsoft Networks" Protocol.