Note: The first time you run the backup program, it may give you a message at some stage saying that you have no backup devices installed. Just choose “No” to not install a new one, as you will be doing the backup to Floppy Disk. Before starting this procedure, have the required amount of disks ready. You can estimate if you know how big the files are and just add the amounts together. Each Floppy can store approximately 1.4 Meg.




1.       Open Backup program by choosing Start | Programs | Accessories | Backup. This will open the Backup program, and present you with the following dialogue box:

2.       Choose required option, Eg Create a new backup job, and press OK.

3.       This will present you with the following dialogue box. Because most people only have floppy disk for backup, it is unrealistic to backup the complete system due to the large number of disks required. So in the following dialogue box, click the option shown to backup selected files.  If you want to backup the complete drive, eg ‘C:’, then choose “Backup My Computer”. If you choose this option, jump to step 5. Then click Next:

4.       Use the mouse to open folders and select the files you want to backup as shown in the following picture. I have selected through folders to get the \..\MSWorks\WorksY2k folder and then clicked in the square against the file Worksy2k.exe to backup this file. You can select many files and/or folders at this stage. Then choose Next. Note: This file is a patch to fix a Year2000 fault in Microsoft Works for Windows. Contact me if you want details about this.

5.       The next dialogue box allows you to choose if you want to blindly backup every selected file, or only the new and changed files. Then choose Next:


Click here

The next step is to confirm or select the device you will backup to. Refer to the following dialogue box, and see where I have selected the ‘A’ drive to backup to. If you are backing up to another drive, Eg ‘D:’ or ‘E:’ then select it here. Do this by selecting it from clicking on the yellow Folder button to the right of the text, and select the required drive. Click on Next:

7.       The following dialogue box is shown now. I normally set the options as shown to reduce the amount of time to backup. Then choose Next:

8.       The final dialogue box is a confirmation of your settings, and the opportunity to give the job a name. You can then easily run the same job again another day, or on a regular basis:

9.       The backup job will then start and you can watch the progress. If you are using ‘A:’ and you have more than 1.4Meg of files to backup, then you will be prompted when to change disks. Label each one with the name of the job, and the disk number, starting from Disk 1.

10.    When finished, the program will notify you, and you can remove and store the floppy disks. Choose OK for each dialogue box and close the backup program.