A common problem these days is to buy a new hard drive, only to find that your Operating System, or your computer BIOS will not recognise the large hard drive. Some BIOSís are limited to 2GB and some are limited to 8GB.In some cases you can flash your motherboard BIOS with newer software. Check you motherboard manufacturer web site. If you canít or it doesnít fix the problem, the options are to buy a new computer or motherboard, or consider the following.


Seagate drives have some software called Disk Manager (DM). This can be downloaded from the internet for free, if you have at least one Seagate disk in the system. This software has the following features:


  1. It can help you install the new drive, providing instant partitioning and formatting features.
  2. It includes software that can overlay itself on your computer, so that a new hard drive is physically installed as a small drive, but the overlay software gives you access to the full capacity of the drive.
  3. It includes some software called Filecopy. This software is a single step to completely duplicate all of your files and software from one hard drive to another.


I have personally used this DM software to install a 40GB drive on an older computer, and it works very well.


Note: This software is not compatible with Norton Disk Protection and recovery software.


For more information, go to www.seagate.com