This process is written for the USB-DLINQ USB File transfer cable. We have written the process because it is easy to connect Windows 98 to Windows 98, and easy to connect Windows XP to Windows XP, but we had difficulty connecting Windows 98 to Windows XP.


This process can be used for all connections, 98-98, 98-XP and XP-XP.


This process is for the Y-125D model of cable.


  1. Insert the CD in your CD drive
  2. Open Windows Explorer, and browse to the folder called D:\Y-125D\PC
  3. Double Click on Setup.exe to install the GeneLink 108A software. This is the software that allows you to browse and copy the files across the USB connection.
  4. Follow any prompts presented by that installation process. You will end up with an Icon on the Desktop.
  5. Plug one end of the USB-DLINQ cable into a spare USB port on that PC. Wait for the device to be detected.
  6. When it does, you will get prompted to choose the INF driver file. It is important to choose the D:\Y-125D\PC\Bridge.INF file.
  7. Continue to follow the prompts, and then remove the CD.
  8. Repeat these steps 1-7 on the other PC that you want to connect to.


Note: Even though the CD has drivers in the D:\Y-125D\Win-xp directory, if you install these on a Windows XP PC, you will not be able to communicate with a Windows 98 PC.