A letter is written by running a word processor, choosing new and then typing information into the document. At this stage it is only in memory, and if the program is closed, all of the information is lost.


After letter is written, it can be saved onto the C: drive for use or reference later.



Use “File Save” if your letter already has a filename and you want to use that same name.


Use “File Save As” to give the letter a name.











                                                          ‘C:’ Drive or sometimes


                                                          called Hard Drive or

                                                          Hard Disk holds data,

                                                          files & letters for

                                                          reloading later.




When you are ready to reload and/or load the letter back into the Word processor, you use “File” | “Open” and choose the filename. Either press double left click or single left click on the filename and single click on “Open”.