The follows steps do not have to be done in order, and may be interrupted by reboot requirements, but when finished, all should be done for the most usable and easiest networking between PC’s.



1.       Run Control Panel | Network and if it does not already exist, Add Client for Microsoft Networks.

2.       Add the relevant Adapter (if it wasn’t installed automatically after the Network card was plugged in.

3.       Set the bindings up so that you have the following:

4.       Network Adapter – Bindings to IPX/SPX-compatible Protocol

5.       Network Adapter – Bindings to NetBEUI

6.       Dialup Adapter   - Bindings to TCP/IP

7.       Choose File and Printer Sharing, and click “I want to be able to give others access to my files”. Also, for the computer with a printer attached, click “I want to be able to allow others to print to my printer”.

8.       In the Primary Network Logon, choose “Windows Logon”.

9.       In the Identification, enter a separate name for each computer, and enter a common Work Group name.

10.    In the Access Control, choose “Share-level access control”.

11.    In the Client for Microsoft Networks | Properties,  choose “Quick Logon” to allow automatic logon, but to ignore if another computer is not switched on.