There are two different types of CD Media, and two separate methods for writing to CD, commonly referred to as burning. Although it is not absolutely necessary, I have found that one way is most suitable for writing to CD-R and one is most suitable for CD-RW.


To clarify, CD-R is write once. With most modern CD drives, you can write again, but each time you do, it gobbles up more space so it will eventually run out. Also, some older drives will not see the subsequent data, and will only see the first write. So it is not best to do that.


CD-RW is rewritable, where you format the CD, and write to it over and over, like it is a big floppy disk.


CD-R’s are cheap and CD-RW’s are not, so there is a use for both in today’s world.


When Nero is installed, it should have been installed with the Nero Burning software, and the InCD software. If you don’t have both, get your Nero CD and install them both.


Write to a CD-R (This process uses the Nero Burning software)


  1. Insert a blank CD-R, and click on Start | Programs | Ahead Nero | Nero Burning ROM.
  2. Follow the Wizard which looks like


  1. then choose Audio or Data as required


  1. Create a new CD


  1. Finish.


  1. This will give you a screen like the following:


  1. Drag the files from the right hand side to the left hand side


  1. Then click on the tool bar on the 8th button, called Write dialog and follow the prompts.


Note: While it is writing, don’t touch the computer, to ensure there is no buffer overrun or processing interruption. The smallest interruption will ruin your CD.


Write to a CD-RW (This process uses the Nero InCD software)


  1. If the CD-RW has already been formatted, and even used, then simply insert it into the CDRW drive, and the InCD software recognizes it, and makes it a writable drive. You can then copy files to it with Windows explorer as you normally would.


  1. If the CD-RW has not been formatted, then inserting it into the CDRW drive will cause InCD to identify it, and pop a dialogue box up telling you it is there. If it doesn’t offer the format button, or tells you it is ready, then click Cancel or OK.


  1. Right Click on the small InCD Icon in the task tray (bottom right of the screen) and choose Format. This will present you with:



  1. Click Next about 4 times, typing in a volume name if you want, the Finish to start the formatting.


  1. When it is finished, about 20 minutes, then you will be able to start writing to the CD like a floppy. These CD-RW’s formatted like this can only be read and written to with computers with the same software and CD-RW hardware. (Although some new multiread CD’s can actually read them, we cannot be sure).

Copy a CD to CD-R (This process uses the Nero Burning software)


  1. Insert the CD you want to copy, and click on Start | Programs | Ahead Nero | Nero Burning ROM. (Note, if it is Auto-Running, either hold the Shift key down when you insert it, or cancel the music or application that starts.
  2. Follow the Wizard which looks like:



  1. Click “Copy a CD” and then Next.
  2. Confirm Source Drive, and click Next:


  1. Then Click “Burn” to start the copy write process, that will start storing to a temporary space on your hard drive.


  1. You will then be presented with a CD database screen. You can just cancel this, and then the CD copying will start.
  2. When finished, the CD will eject, and you can insert a blank CD.
  3. After inserting a blank CD-R, the burn process will write to the CD.
  4. When finished, you will get the completion message:


NOTE: These instructions are written for the purpose of making a backup of a CD for personal use only. You should be aware that infringing copyrights is illegal, and in most cases, CD’s are not to be copied. Some authors do allow you to make a backup copy for personal use. However, we do not condone illegal copying, and take no responsibility for any actions taken as a result of the instructions supplied within this document.