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Reference Subject
Cts001 Autofil numbering in works & Excel SS
Cts002 Change Heading Default Fonts
Cts003 Create a backup in Windows 98
Cts004 Create a formatted document in word.
Cts005 Create a Macro and install button on Toolbar
Cts006 Create spreadsheet and a chart on the same page in Works
Cts007 Insert an Excel Document in word.
Cts008 Partition and Reformat your HDD
Cts009 Prompt hangup after accessing Internet
Cts010 Save As Layout
Cts011 Save work in a Word Processor
Cts012 Set starting Page Number in word
Cts013 Networking and Autoconnecting in Windows 95-98
Cts014 Set up shortcut words in word
Cts015 Upgrade your HDD
Cts016 Use a Name to name and refer to a Function.
Cts017 Steps on how to use Windows Explorer
Cts018 Steps to Set up Networking between Windows xp and 9x
Cts019 Create a backup in Windows XP
Cts020 Steps to fit a Large Hard Disk
Cts021 Steps to install USB File Transfer Cable
Cts022 Problems with 2X/4X and 8X AGP Video cards and 8X Motherboards
Cts023 Steps to write to CD and CDRW with Nero
Cts024 Steps to remove duplicate rows in Excel
Cts025 Steps to use Clipart as the background in Word
Cts026 Steps to enable Fast User Switching in Windows XP
Cts024 Steps to change drive for USB external storage Flash RAM
Cts025 Steps to activate FTP site on Windows XP
Cts026 How to allocate Partitions and Drives in Windows XP
Cts027 How to Analyse and Degragment Drives in Windows XP
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